Effective September 25, 2020, all businesses in Ontario must screen workers and essential visitors who enter their premises. Workers include staff, students, contractors and volunteers, and essential visitors include those providing a service in the establishment who are not employees or patrons of the establishment (such as delivery, maintenance, and contract workers).

Active screening can be done in person or remotely by telephone, internet, email, or an app prior to entry.  Screening should occur before a worker’s shift or visit to the workplace, and employers should also consider actively screening more than once during a shift or visit.  Click on this link for more information regarding screening requirements and details of this regulation. You will need to scroll down to Schedule 1 (General Rules) – General Compliance #2, Point 3(b).

The app is easy for the employees to download and is user friendly.

In order for the employer to ensure that all employees are complying with the regulations as set out by the Government of Ontario, the data from each employee submission is transmitted directly into a spreadsheet for the employer to view on a daily basis   The spreadsheet can be downloaded and the results sorted and saved for future reference.

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