• The objective is to explain things Simply and with Clarity
  • As Albert Einstein would say “if you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
  • Strategy is the roadmap to guide you to success



  1. Fundamental Principles – Core Values
    • 5 or fewer:
      • What is the value system of YOUR COMPANY?
      • What beliefs does YOUR COMPANY operate on?
      • Does YOUR COMPANY’s values match their member’s values?
    • Create a story to go along with the Principles
      • How do these principles/values come alive?
      • What do they really mean?
      • What are the behaviours associated with these values?
  1. Purpose Statement (not Mission) – YOUR COMPANY’s “Why”
    • 7 Words or less
      • Tag Line that is easy to remember
      • Purpose builds engagement & ownership
      • Purpose helps integrate Emotion with logic
      • What Story does it tell? What belief does it inspire?
  1. BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal (10-30 years from now)
    • What will YOUR COMPANY look like in 10-30 years
    • Measurable, Time-Bound
  1. Vision Statement (Picture) – 12-36 months
    • Time bound, Aspirational, “a stretch”
    • Needs to be compelling
    • How does it move the organization?
    • Once the goal has been met, then update
    • Needs to be communicated every day
    • Create a story that explains
  1. Strategic Compass – only pick one to focus on
    • Innovation of Product or Service – Apple, Google
    • Customer Experience – Starbucks, Southwest, Disney, Zappos
    • Operational Efficiency – McDonalds, FedEx, DELL, Amazon
    • Operational Quality – Honda, Rolex, Cat, Toyota
  1. Strategy – The “How”
    • Less than 5 strategies
      • If more than 3 strategies, organizations/associations fail
    • Links Opportunities, Weaknesses, Purpose, Principles, Vision
    • How do we get to our Vision?
    • How do we get everyone aligned?
    • What needs to change to support our Vision?
    • What needs to happen to enhance the Culture at YOUR COMPANY?
  1. Key Priorities/Rocks – Action Plan for each Strategy (no more than 3 for each)
    • What is the action to support each strategy?
    • Who will spearhead the action and be accountable to its success?
    • When will it be accomplished by?
    • What is the end measure or Lagging Indicator?





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