Successful Recruiting Process


Step 1: Create Position
Complete Job Description outlining core skill sets and behaviours required for the role
Complete Job Ad

Step 2: Post Position
Utilize existing staff members, suppliers associations
Use social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Post on Indeed, website, HRDC, Kijiji,
For applicants to send resume and cover letter to a specific email address. Those that meet the criteria should be called for 1st interview.

Step 3: 1st Interview
Complete 10-15 min telephone conversation with people. Utilize a standard questionnaire for each candidate. Ensure candidate answers each question, doesn’t ramble, speaks clearly. Ensure some type of “connection” via the telephone.

Step 4: Utilize Assessments
Those that pass the telephone interview, are to be sent an assessment. Prior to sending out assessment links, determine what your minimum threshold is and what is considered a pass/fail grade are sent a Personality Assessment (skills & behaviours). Assessments are matched to optimum profile. Those that match are contacted for Face to Face Interview

Step 5: 1st Face to Face
1st Interview with Manager. Ensure cultural & personality fit, ability to verify resume.

Step 6: 2nd Interview – Presentation
Give applicants a “Practical Issue or scenario questions” – ask applicant to complete the exercise within a specified time frame. Then ask deep tough questions as 2nd part of Presentation interview.

Step 7: Contact references (people that the candidate reported to)

Step 8: Provide employment offer & share 90 day On Boarding plan

Step 9: After 90 Day On Boarding Plan – complete 3 month evaluation