Personality Assessments

Solve Your Organization’s People Problems

At Southbrook, our Personality Assessment tools can be used to help organizations solve a wide range of business challenges. From recruiting to on-boarding to leadership development, our tools will help you make informed decisions and help you choose the right people to continue growing your business.

Our tools draw on popular assessment methodologies, such as DISC, to evaluate various factors including behaviours and driving forces, soft skills, emotional intelligence, perception, and more. Book a consultation with our team to learn more.

Recruiting & Hiring

Use a range of personality assessment tools to pre-screen job candidates and ensure compatibility before making a final hiring decision.

Onboarding & Training

Understand the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of your team, in order to train them more effectively and develop specific skill sets.

Coaching & Leadership Development

Find and grow leaders within your own organization. Leverage assessments to help your team take the next step in their professional journey.

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