Southbrook Consulting provides business consulting services for skilled trade companies. We specialize in customized solutions to help you develop, grow, and manage your skilled trade business in Canada.

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If you want to start working on your business, our Resources Portal offers business owners a great way to get started. In our resources database, you will find a range of useful tools to help manage your team, define your processes, and scale your business, which we use with our own clients. Request your access today to get started.

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Our tools draw on popular assessment methodologies, such as DISC, to evaluate various factors including behaviours and driving forces, soft skills, emotional intelligence, and perception.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Our company is based in British Columbia and we are thrilled to work with Southbrook Consulting. Southbrook takes care of all of our bookkeeping by implementing smart technology so that they have access to all of our files even though they are on the other side of the country. We do spend more than before on our bookkeeping, but having real time numbers that are always up to date is invaluable when making business decision. In the past we never really knew where the numbers were until the accountant did the year end.
Matt Vandenberg
Matt Vandenberg
21:42 24 Sep 20
Nathan and Deborah were great in helping our business make a new hire.As a business owner, we have to recognize when we're not cut out for something and either cut it, or hire someone more qualified to do it.Southbrook was able to take the lead on something we aren't good at and facilitate the hire of a new team member who will take on work within our business that will allow us to spread the load and facilitate future growth.We couldn't be more pleased with how easy the process was and all we had to do was communicate and Southbrook got it done.Thank you!
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia
14:12 02 Sep 20
I decided to use Southbrook to help me find a project coordinator. Working with Nathan and everybody else was very easy. They use a great system of interviews to screen candidates to make sure the final candidate was highly qualified and best matched to our company. It saved me quite a bit of time and I have no doubt that it gave me the best candidate. Thank you.
Miro Simecek
Miro Simecek
08:00 24 Mar 20
Excellent, effective company to work with! Feeling very confident after our recent meeting with Nathan to complete our budget as we head into another busy season. Highly recommend their services.
Craig Rose
Craig Rose
17:52 05 Mar 20
I started working with Nathan in December 2018, with a one time initial consult and review of my business operations. This lead to us having regular scheduled meetings, to aid in me making my business more profitable. In a eight month span he has helped me obtain a 211% increase in net profit and 42% improvement in equity. I was hesitant as first to hire on a consultant but now less then a year later I have no regrets in doing so. Nathan is professional and well experienced, I would highly recommend his services.
Trevor Sedore
Trevor Sedore
18:14 23 Nov 19
I have been working with Nathan and Southbrook for about 9 months and they have been fantastic. Nathan has helped us out both strategically with the company and on the HR front with the recent new hiring of an accounting associate. They handled the screening, interviewing and final interview so we could concentrate on our business, which was incredibly helpful. Nathan has also been working with us on our corporate strategy and the implementation of that strategy and his insights, thoughts, and ideas have been invaluable. I would highly recommend the team at Southbrook.
Ian Grieve
Ian Grieve
13:59 08 Nov 19
Life is about learning, growing and becoming better, personally and professionally and Nathan always has great insights to share and teach. I learn something new every time about myself and business I can apply. Great event and happy to be a part of it. Thank you Nathan 👍⭐😊
Wendy Ladd
Wendy Ladd
12:40 26 Oct 19
Southbrook Consulting has been a stellar resource for my consulting business and my clients. They bring experience, knowledge and ultimately, results. The founder, Nathan Helder, and his team are true professionals. In my opinion, they offer some of the best business education in the landscape industry.
Frank Bourque
Frank Bourque
19:41 25 Oct 19
Nathan has always, and continues to, provide excellent business advice that helps me grow and improve my company.
Lindsey Ross
Lindsey Ross
19:33 25 Oct 19
Professional consulting delivered in a dynamic manner, great company.
Alan Carroll
Alan Carroll
19:32 25 Oct 19

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Founder Nathan Helder draws on firsthand experience as the President of Gelderman Landscape Services to deliver concrete insights that will help improve your organization’s strategy, culture, and leadership. Our team’s holistic approach to consulting starts with an upfront, in-depth assessment of your business and its financials.

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