Human Resources Consulting Services

One of the most challenging issues for a business is getting the right people into the right seats. Once this is accomplished, it simplifies the task of growing the organization.

At Southbrook, we provide a variety of HR services to help entrepreneurs find the right people to hire, manage their team, and develop a healthy organizational culture. Our team can assist with a wide range of tasks, from job posting and on-boarding checklists to policy creation and terminations.

Let us help you solve your organization’s people problems.

Work smarter to find the right people to help grow your organization and your culture.

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Recruitment, Hiring & Onboarding

Step up your recruiting game by outsourcing the basics to trained HR professionals.

Job Description Creation & Posting

Our team will help you create tailored job descriptions that will attract better qualified candidates for your desired position(s). We will also assist with posting your jobs to a wide range of sites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and more, to widen your reach.

Screenings & Assessments

Once you have attracted a pool of qualified candidates, our team will use personality assessments and pre-screening phone interviews to find the right people for your specific positions. We’ll narrow down the pool of applicants to the best individuals, making it easier for you to hire.

Onboarding Procedures

After you’ve made a new hire, we’ll help you put detailed on-boarding and training procedures in place for each role. These procedures will be yours to tweak over time, so you can streamline the process of bringing on new employees and scaling your business.

Policy Development & Compliance

If you are having issues with employee absenteeism, workplace harassment, or even illicit substance use on the job, then our team can help you set policies in place to help reinforce good behaviour. Keep your workplace professional and learn strategies to ensure your team complies with all of your policies.

Culture & Leadership Development

It is important to foster a healthy, respectful, and professional culture within your organization — so that when you’re not around, your employees continue to uphold these values and deliver a consistent client experience.

Our team provides consulting services to help businesses develop their culture and grow leaders who can help foster the right culture. From personality assessments to one-on-one coaching sessions, we can provide a range of tools to point your organization in the right direction.

On-Call HR Services

Do you have a specific HR issue that you need help with? Our on-call HR services offer entrepreneurs an option for human resources support on an as-needed basis.

If you are concerned about a difficult conversation related to termination or employee behaviour, you can contact our HR professionals beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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