Maximizing Your Time, Follow these “8 Rules”


Maximizing the return of productivitytime or contentment can be accomplished if you clearly understand the 8 Rules of Time.
1.  Set Daily Goals
      a.  Goals become the compass on where you want to end at days completion
      b.  From your goals, you can determine what’s important, not important, a     
           priority, or not a priority
2.  Prioritize your “To Do” List
     a.  Do only the “Should do”; not the “Could do”
     b.  Make the list very short
3.  Respect your Time – Block time in your Calendar
     a.  If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will respect you
4.  Control Procrastination
      a.  Do the worst first – the one that causes the most stress
       b.  Control your environment (close the door, turn on/off the radio)
5.  Delegate non-essential tasks
     a.  Delegate to someone who can do the task easier and quicker than you
     NOTE: this Rule may require you to train someone first
6.  It is OK to say NO
     a.  What should I not be involved in?
     b.  Say “NO” politely and with respect
     c. If you can never say “NO”, then your yes is worthless
7.  Focus & Daily Execution
     a.  100% focus and concentration on one task at a time
     b.  Eliminate distraction (email popups)
8.  Take care of yourself
     a.  Eat throughout the day (don’t skip meals)
     b.  Eat healthy
     c.  Exercise and use your down time to recharge